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Recover faster with more clarity, energy and less pain

Cranial osteopathy is the only effective treatment for head injuries and concussion. It’s a refined and subtle approach that uses gentle, manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses and strains held deeply in the body.

We’ve had great success in helping people of all ages to resolve trauma to the brain, the meninges (the membranous covering of the brain), and the effects of whiplash.

With a wonderfully developed sense of touch, we can feel subtle, rhythmic pulsations from the central nervous system that are expressed throughout the whole body. We use this rhythm to detect areas where the body tissues are stuck. Then with small gentle movements we restore optimal balance and function to the tissues

Our experienced cranial osteopaths will:


  • Sit down and talk through your current presenting problem and past medical history to gain a clear picture of your health and wellbeing.

  • Carry out a physical examination of your spine including orthopedic and neurological testing if necessary.

  • Use cranial osteopathic techniques to feel the energy within the cranial bone, spinal cord, brain, and the quality of the central nervous system, before bringing everything back to the midline.

  • Explain clearly what is going on in your body and put together a wellbeing plan.

  • Happily create a support team around you to nurture your journey to health. We work alongside an incredible referral network with the medical community and liaise regularly with consultants, GPs, midwives and other therapists.


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