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As specialists in the holistic art of osteopathy, we call on our professional qualifications and two decades of experience in cranial, structural and biodynamic techniques to help our incredible Bay of Plenty clients heal and feel better. Working holistically means we treat your entire body, not just your symptoms, to stimulate your own self-healing processes and get you back on track.


Our practitioners have completed a five-year, full-time masters degree, are registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand, and are committed to professional development with 25 hours of continued learning every year. 


We love what we do and approach osteopathy with an open heart and mind. We truly care, we listen with respect, and we communicate clearly with our clients to nurture and support them on their wellbeing journey. 

From babies, children and teens, to pregnant women, new Mums, and older men and women, we see people of all ages in our relaxing Papamoa space. We are ACC accredited and paperwork can be completed in the clinic. We work together, and alongside other health professionals (including making referrals), to get you feeling happy, healthy and more balanced


Originally from the North of England, Angela is a singing, cross-fit-ing Mum of three who loves nothing more than to sing with her choir and spend time with her family


Angela landed in New Zealand for her O.E in 2005 and soon realised the Bay was her destiny. She met her husband Andy, who runs the Mount Maunganui Surf Academy, and together they’re raising three daughters. After running her osteopathy clinic from home, she moved it to Domain Road, Papamoa in 2008, where she combined her passion and skills with Anne to become the dynamic team they are.


I enjoy working with people across their whole life span, from birth to the winter years. I treat using gentle cranial osteopathy, manual spinal manipulation, and massage to balance and align the body, mind and bioenergetic fields.

Most physical pain has a direct connection to mental load and stress. Coming to our clinic is your chance to pause life and the busy mind, return to stillness and ease your symptoms.


Anne wakes up at 4.30am every day to climb Mauao, she’s a beekeeper, and loves skiing, playing in nature, adventure racing, and her teenage son.


Anne hails from Sweden, which is where she first fell in love with osteopathy more than 25 years ago. With a solid grounding in spinal manipulation, massage, and the whole spectrum of crania-sacral therapy and biodynamic osteopathy, Anne’s patients are often spotted skipping out the door of her Papamoa clinic.


Osteopathy chose me. My purpose in life is to help others, and I love every minute of what I do. Seeing the magic happen when things shift in people, and seeing their light shine again, is incredible.

I have 100,000 friends in the backyard! When my parents both passed away, I felt lost. I needed something to ground me back to the land. So, I took up beekeeping and now I make 50kg of honey a year. I give it all away. I love my bees!


Frances remembers seeing an Osteopath growing up and thinking the whole thing was a little bit magic. This, combined with her fascination with the human body, means she truly loves her job. 


Frances grew up on a farm near Raglan and loves being outside in nature, especially mountain biking, hiking and surfing. She and her husband moved to the Bay of Plenty seven years ago; they've now had two young children and a dog join the family.


Frances has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology, and a Masters in Osteopathy, during which she explored the experience of osteopathic treatment in pregnancy. She enjoys treating people from all stages of life - from babies to elderly.


Her approach to treatment combines soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation, visceral and gentler techniques aimed at calming the nervous system and enabling the body to heal itself. She also uses stretches, strengthening, lifestyle changes, nutrition and taping to support the work she does in the clinic.



Natasha is an Osteopath who takes a sensitive and skilled, hands-on approach to helping people with pain and stiffness. She works intuitively using a combination of strong and gentle treatment techniques, depending on what works best for your body.

Natasha completed her osteopathic training at the British School of Osteopathy in London 8 years ago, gaining an Integrated Master of Osteopathy. She then went on to study for a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy and worked at the renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. Natasha relocated to New Zealand 3 years ago and spent time working in Hawkes Bay, before moving up to the Bay of Plenty.

She works with a direct hands-on approach incorporating gentle cranial/sacral techniques, visceral manipulation, Western Medical acupuncture,  soft tissue massage, myofascial release, dynamic muscle stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulation. The aim is to encourage healing by improving circulation, reduce pain, and allow the body to move to its full potential. To help areas of long term trauma become more settled, Natasha will often use cranial osteopathy and specialized visceral techniques.


natasha photo_edited.jpg

Clare, is a lover of nature and outdoor activities. She loves the ocean and can be found most days swimming, surfing, cycling or in her garden growing food. 

Clare grew up in the West of England and Welsh borders on a farm riding horses. She was drawn to New Zealand after many holidays visiting family, she moved here in 2005. She met her husband surfing at the Mount and now they have  4 energetic children!


Clare has enjoyed a varied Physiotherapy career. Clare has a strong  Pilates and exercise rehabilitation background which she uses to assist her holistic manual therapeutic techniques. She enjoys incorporating Zero balancing, breathing techniques and visceral mobilization to help assist physical, mental and spiritual wellness. 

Clare specialises in pelvic health and in the treatment of pelvic pain, prolapse, incontinence and weakness. She enjoys treating people of all ages to overcome issues that can derive from birth and injury.


Clare's strong understanding of movement and core control is beneficial for improving spinal injuries and rehabilitation. She loves to facilitate the body to heal and help people tp feel strong in their bodies.

Clare Murden
Holistic and Pelvic Physiotherapist

Paul has always had a strong desire to work in the community for others. This motivated him to begin studying homeopathy, here in Tauranga. He completed his studies in the UK where he began a practice. After practicing for a number of years he was keen for a new direction. Paul subsequently completed a degree in Chinese medicine acupuncture at the University of Westminster, London. He has been practicing ever since.


With almost 20 years’ experience in health he returned to Tauranga in 2010. "I love what I do, particularly helping people and I feel privileged to be part of someone’s life in that way."

Having recently started a family Paul has become a 'stay at home Dad' and a part-time acupuncturist.  In his spare time he continues to try and learn to surf and enjoys watching Rugby.  Paul is also a member of a local Buddhist group and he practices and studies Buddhism. He  tries to integrate both into his personal and work life.

Paul enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and people. He has a particular interest in, and his post-graduate study has focused on pregnancy and childbirth.  Within this area Pail is really interested in helping women enjoy their pregnancy by optimising and preparing them for labour and also teaching their partners acupressure so that they too can be fully involved in the birth process.

Paul also have a strong focus on sports injuries and pain having completed a number of courses with a specific sports medicine focus. 

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