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Bring your child back into balance and back to themselves

Our specialist osteopathic approach is heart-centred - we listen, we care, and we’re here for you. We also have 20+ years’ experience and committed to 25 hours of professional development each year to ensure we bring you exceptional care. That’s how we’ve built a long-standing reputation for treating babies, children and teens, and supporting their parents, from our warm and welcoming clinic in Papamoa. 

Our calm, professional osteopaths will:


  • Sit down and talk through your child’s current presenting problem and past medical history to gain a clear picture of their health and wellbeing.

  • Carry out a physical examination of your child’s spine including orthopedic and neurological testing if necessary.




Is your baby irritable, taking a long time to feed, or evading sleep? Let’s see if we can help bring some relief (and rest) to your family. 


Cranial osteopathy can work wonders by releasing trauma from your baby’s birth that might be causing them stress in their head and body. Our calm, safe and effective approach involves applying specific gentle pressure to enable the inherent healing ability of your baby’s body to release stress. Looking on, it might not seem like we’re doing much, but we’re feeling a subtle body rhythm by holding the head and using this rhythm to find any areas in the body that are stuck. Then we use small, gentle movements to restore balance and function to the tissues, so the energy flows more freely around the body. You can find out more about babies and osteopathy by reading our factsheet.


Children can carry imprints of injuries from play or sport into their adult body, which can knock them off balance - physically, mentally and emotionally. To avoid this, we recommend they have regular check ups, at least four times a year, to ensure those imprints are freed from the body. 



With the increase in screen time, we’re seeing a rise in postural problems, headaches, and back pain among teenagers. If your teen is suffering from physical pain or discomfort, or just isn’t feeling 100%, we can help by using a range of techniques from our osteopathy ‘toolbox’. 

We can help with:

  • Favouring head to one side, teething pain, feeding problems, misshapen head (baby)

  • ACC injuries

  • Calming the autonomic nervous system (to regulate the adrenals and lower stress levels)

  • Boosting immunity (when a child is balanced, they are more likely to ward off colds and flu)

  • Healing chronic and recurring infections

  • Behavioural problems

  • Coordination and balance problems

  • Developmental delay and speech problems

  • Ear infections and glue ear

  • Headaches

  • Growing pains

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone
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