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We believe that your wellbeing is based on your body working in harmony; your bones, muscles and ligaments all functioning smoothly together.

Maintain and invest in your body, its the only one that you have got!

Be your best self through gentle, powerful osteopathy

There will be a small fee increase from 1st April

Relieve physical pain and discomfort, re-balance your body, and restore your emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

Our compassionate, holistic osteopaths in Papamoa are committed to getting you and your family back on track, naturally.





Experiencing joint pain or not feeling your best? Our gentle, safe treatments will ease the struggle and help you gain mobility, confidence and a better quality of life.

Feel more physically comfortable and mentally empowered before, during and after birth with our holistic, heart-centred approach to healing.

Recover more quickly from head injuries and concussion with our subtle yet effective cranial osteopathy - the only proven way to experience less pain and brain fog.

Discover calming, intuitive osteopathy for your baby, child or teen. Our approach balances the body, calms the autonomic nervous system, and boosts immunity.

Gain a better understanding of what’s happening in your body, mind, and bioenergetic fields, get relief from dis-ease,

and an action plan to improve your health.

Our qualified practitioners have 20+ years’ experience in cranial, structural and biodynamic osteopathy and are ACC accredited. With a calm, hands-on approach they help ease the pain of:


  • Back and neck pain

  • ACC injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Postural pain

  • Stress

  • Pelvic health-incontinence, pain, prolapse

  • Hip, knee and ankle problems

  • Headaches/migraine

  • Pregnancy 

  • Sports injuries

  • Head injuries

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